Rotary Club of Queenstown – Tabitha Lunch Talk – March 1, 2010

We are excited that Rotary Club of Queenstown has selected to support Tabitha in 2010 for their annual Major Project. To kick off the initiative, Tabitha Volunteer Lisa Newman will give an overview of Tabitha Foundation at next weeks weekly Lunch Meeting at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore @ 12;40pm.

If you would like to pledge your support, the official pledge form can be downloaded here.

Volunteers needed!

To support our upcoming sales activities in Singapore, Tabitha is looking for help. If you are interested please contact us. Thank you!

Tabitha @ Home Sale –  Wednesday, March 3rd;

Transportation from Singapore American School to 3 Brizay Park  

Time:  TBD

Thursday, March 4th:

8:30-12:00- 2 volunteers for floor sale/cashier, 1 person for custom order assistance

12:00-4:00- 2 volunteers for floor sales/cashier, 1 person for custom order assistance

Friday, March 5th:

 9:30-1:00- 2 volunteers for floor sale/cashier, 1 person for custom order assistance

1:00-5:00- 2 volunteers for floor sales/cashier, 1 person for custom order assistance

Transportation back to Singapore American School

 Spring Affair At the Marriott Hotel

Sales lead needed 

Volunteers for shifts:

Tuesday, March 16th:

9:00-12:00- 2 volunteers

12:00-3:30- 2 volunteers

3:30-7:00- 1 volunteer

 Wednesday, March 17th:

 8:30-12:00- 2 volunteers

12:00-3:00- 2 volunteers

3:00-6:00- 2 volunteers

To all Volunteers of Tabitha & Tabitha Foundation Singapore

Dear Tabitha Volunteers,

As we start what we hope will be another successful year for Tabitha Singapore, we want to thank you again for all your help during 2009.  As volunteers, you make a significant difference to the support we provide to Tabitha Cambodia. The financial help sent to Cambodia is only possible through the time you volunteer.

Janne has just issued the latest set of audited account for Tabitha Cambodia and it is quite staggering to read that since Tabitha was established, they have reached half a million people and worked directly with over 30,000 families, breaking the poverty cycle by empowering Cambodian people to help themselves.

One of the reasons we personally continue to be involved in Tabitha is that the difference we make to families is lasting. Our help really does last a lifetime. Janne’s summary also showed that Singapore continues to be a significant contributor to Tabitha. The total global funds received by Tabitha Cambodia were in excess of US$2million and just over 30% of the total was generated from Singapore. Continue reading

To speak Movie now available in Singapore

Back in August 2009 we talked about To Speak – a movie about the work of Tabitha in Cambodia by Director Craig Ower. While you can always watch the movie in our “Tabitha in Pictures” section, the movie is also now available in Singapore at both Kinokunya and Popular bookstores. Or you always have the option to order the movie online.

Craig Ower - Director, To Speak

Craig Ower - Director, To Speak

January Update from Tabitha Cambodia

Janne Ritskes - Founder of Tabitha

In her latest updated, Janne Ritskes, Founder of Tabitha Cambodia provides us with an update on work in Koh Kong and a new project in Pursat Province. Read the full report here: January Update

Note: The World Food Program reports that the unexpected rise of food and fuel prices in 2008 had a big impact on the population. A recent impact study on soaring food prices concluded that 1.7 million Cambodians experienced food insecurity as an effect of high food prices, and that this number was expected to increase to 2.8 million, a fifth of the population, during the next “lean season”. The study also found that 98 percent of the poor have incurred new debts and half of them cut back on food consumption or referred to inferior foods as a coping mechanism.