An update from our new President

The new President of Tabitha Foundation Singapore, Eleanor Craig, sends the following update to our volunteers:

Last week, the new committee of Tabitha Foundation Singapore met for the first time.  Our meeting followed the AGM held the prior week, where three of the key members resigned from their board roles: AnLee Cox as President, Amy Ferguson as Vice President and JoAnn Spitzer as Treasurer and Val Kohlmayr as co-president. Three new board members were appointed, Sharon Ford as Treasurer, Scott Cowan as Vice President and myself as President.  Mylene Asselin was re-elected as Company Secretary.

Anlee, Amy and JoAnn will all continue to work as key volunteers for Tabitha in Singapore and Val is winging her way to the USA, where I am sure we will see her continuing to be involved on that side of the globe!  I just want to reiterate the thanks that were expressed at the AGM for the work all four of them did as Board Members.

Of course it isn’t just these four roles, as defined in the constitution, which make Tabitha Singapore tick, and all four of us are looking forward to working with the wide group of volunteers who make Tabitha what it is. We are working on making our web site more flexible and as we do that, we will have the opportunity to share progress on who is doing what in 2010, but in the meantime I would like to share a little bit of detail on who will be the point person for some of the areas.

The Cottage Industry will be lead by Kathleen Prudhomme, supported by Lynda Talbot. There is of course a very big team of volunteers who work in many areas of the cottage industry. Communications will be lead by Sam Samlal, supported by small team which is currently being established. Donations – AnLee Cox, with Lisa Newman continuing to coordinate all house building activities.  IT support – Kathy Cohen and Karen Gould. There are a number of areas where we have not yet confirmed the key contact person, but we will let you know when that happens.

For me, I am just very excited and honoured to be part of a group which has done so much and has so much energy to do even more.   Many people have taken time over the last few months to share with me their views and experiences with Tabitha. Thank you again if you were part of that group, and don’t be surprised if I call you again for your advice or views! Similarly if you have views or ideas for things that could make a difference to Tabitha and the events we run, please share them with me.

I count myself as having had a very blessed life, and I feel humbled when I read Janne’s monthly update. It always makes me think – what else can I, and we, do that will last a life time?   Tabitha volunteers are always busy and inventive people so there always seems to be something going on that will positively impact the Tabitha Cambodian families. Some stories are shared on the blog, but I plan to issue a Singapore update so that we can all see how our efforts have made a direct impact in Cambodia.

Many thanks,

Eleanor Craig

Tabitha Foundation Singapore