Follow Janne’s Journey with Breast Cancer

At the end of May, Janne Ritskes updated the Tabitha Singapore website with news of her early-stage breast cancer diagnosis. Please read a further message below from Janne for access to her personal blog. 

I am taken aback by the phenomenal support and response I have gotten from so many of you.  I am also a bit overwhelmed with your responses.  So many of you would like to know how it is all going, so with An Lee’s help – I have started a blog and you can keep up with the progress.

 The blog spot is:




One Response

  1. Dear Janne so much Inspiration from reading your Blog I am humbled and ashamed I am not more of a freind to all my cancer surviving freinds. Someone should have given you the exercises to do befor mammograms easy slam your boobs in a refrigerator door. Yes your hair will grow back thicker and curlier.your journey on this rough bumpy road is getting better and smoother( knowing where to dodge the bumps and potholes helps) and knowing the view from the end is spectatcular helps too eh.Love to ou and the amazing Miriam Belinda and boys Fred and Drew

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